Ural Pelmeny (ravioli)

Ural Pelmeny Show is an original humorous TV show, which has been broadcast on the STS channel since 2009.

Producer: Sergey Netievskiy.

At their concerts, comics show the audience new jokes and interesting stories - parodies, miniatures and sketches, united by an actual common theme.
From the beginning of the show in 2009 Sergey Netievskiy has become the host of the concert programs, the director and producer of the team, in many ways it was thanks to his efforts that the contract was signed with the STS television company about the broadcast of the show "Ural pelmeni" that helped the team to reach the federal level.
Sergei as a producer was constantly engaged in the formation and developing of the project: graphics, scenery, shooting techniques, editing, etc., to make it relevant and modern.
From 2009 to 2015, the popular family show broadcast over 62 premier programs with numerous repetitions.
The humor of the "Ural pelmeni" was highly appreciated by the "Academy of Russian Television" Foundation, thanks to which in 2013 the team received the prestigious international TV award "TEFI-Commonwealth". Create me a project = (Request for a Media Project, enter your name, telephone number, e-mail), back to other projects)




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