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We professionally create Media Projects specializing them for you from basic idea to airing:

Creating of a unique concept

We brief you

Create a concept

Create characters

Finish pilot’s script

Create every episode’s screenplay and synopsis

Give you a finished script already after script-doctoring

Professional Casting

We organize dream-cast

Provide our own star actors database

Gathering the candidates online and off-line

Conduct a professional casting

Project Packing

We select or create a logo and design

Draw and order decorations

Create an image design and get the makeup.

Costumes ready.

TV shooting

Principal Photography in TV format

We do location-scouting

Develop director’s storyboards

Do the casting and choose characters

We form a set of shooting equipment (video, light, sound etc.)

Set the Master ready


Processing and Editing of the Master

Material voiceover in our studio (sound design)

Color Correction

Computer Graphics, Animation, Special Effects

TV & Internet Producing

Creating content for promoting on TV

Creating content for Internet promotion (YouTube channel, social media)

Strategy of marketing promotion and merchandizing

Intellectual property rights protection ( trademarks, cooperation with RAO etc.)

Selling and promotion of the project to the channel’s bosses

Why Us?

We have a decade of experience in creating entertainment and comedy shows:



Talent Show

ChopperShout. In a TV-comedy show ChopperShout have been brought together some of the most creative and funny “ingredients” of the country - creative teams from all over Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Broadcasting channel is the Russian Federal entertainment channel STS.

The show was launched in 2012.

Director and Producer - Sergey Netievskiy.

In the semi-finals each team chose itself one member of the jury: Sergey Nitievskiy, Sergey Ershov, Andrei Rozhkov.

The selection criterias for the participants of "ChopperShout" are — humour, original idea, story's integrity, acting.

Best teams competed in stage art with each other in the broadcast of “ChopperShout” presenting for the jury comic sketches to judge.

The contest took place in four stages, each team had to present a brand new performance with decorations, costumes and other props.

Under cautious and professional guidance by the mentors, the participants of the “ChopperShout” at the end of the project staged a Grand show battle of comedy, creativity, and acting skills! Create me a project = (Request for a Media Project, enter your name, telephone number, e-mail), back to other projects)


Ural Pelmeny (ravioli)

Ural Pelmeny

Comedy Show

Ural Pelmeny Show is an original humorous TV show, which has been broadcast on the STS channel since 2009.

Producer: Sergey Netievskiy.

At their concerts, comics show the audience new jokes and interesting stories - parodies, miniatures and sketches, united by an actual common theme.
From the beginning of the show in 2009 Sergey Netievskiy has become the host of the concert programs, the director and producer of the team, in many ways it was thanks to his efforts that the contract was signed with the STS television company about the broadcast of the show "Ural pelmeni" that helped the team to reach the federal level.
Sergei as a producer was constantly engaged in the formation and developing of the project: graphics, scenery, shooting techniques, editing, etc., to make it relevant and modern.
From 2009 to 2015, the popular family show broadcast over 62 premier programs with numerous repetitions.
The humor of the "Ural pelmeni" was highly appreciated by the "Academy of Russian Television" Foundation, thanks to which in 2013 the team received the prestigious international TV award "TEFI-Commonwealth". Create me a project = (Request for a Media Project, enter your name, telephone number, e-mail), back to other projects)


Hilarious Stories

Hilarious Stories

Comedy Show

Producers Vyacheslav Murugov, Alex Trotsuk, Eduard Iloyan, Vitaly Shlyappo, Sangadzhi, Mikhail Tkachenko, Sergey Ershov, Denis Zhalinsky, Eugene Uranov


Sergey Nitievskiy, Dmitry Bramatkin, Andrei Rozhkov, Michael Bashkatov, Dmitry Sokolov, Kristina Asmus, Margarita Volkova and others.


Cyril Papakul, Anton Fedotov Kirill Kuzin, Zhora Krizovnicka

Comedy sketch show, which was broadcasted on STS TV channel.

The first issue of the programme aired on 18 September 2011, latest on 26 July 2013.

In the show there are permanent characters and storylines. Each issue consists of 3, 4 or 5 of the sketches. The first season was devoted to funny stories concerning only Russian history, in the next seasons authors have applied to the foreign. The basis of the sketches are different historical facts presented to the viewer in a parody way. According to some critics, these parodies often cross the line, the others believe that, they are provocative, but that's the whole point of the project. In the roles of the involved actors, well-known from other series and popular shows - Dmitry Sokolov, Love Tikhomirov, Sergey Nitievskiy, Vyacheslav Myasnikov, Olga Tomycine, Olga Volkov, Maxim Konovalov etc.

Among the regular characters of the series – cavemen Ivanov, living in Vykhino 400,000 years ago BC, the first traffic cops of the ninth century, Peter Sidor, the village headman, Hitrovka Stephen and Luka Lukic 1313 and many other funny caricatures. If you want to have a fun time at the screen, then you should definitely look into sketch show "Hilarious Stories"

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