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Show News

News and humor of this combination on television in Russia. “Show News” is a fierce team of professionals who have hands stained in the news.


Broadcasting channel - the Russian Federal TV channel TNT Year of release: 2009

Creative producers: Sergei Nitievskiy, Garik Martirosyan


Dmitry Bramatkin, Andrei Rozhkov, Dmitry Sokolov, Vyacheslav Myasnikov, Ekaterina Kudryavtseva and main driving force of the project – Sergey Netievskiy, author and the host of the show.

“Show News” is a TV project that is filled with unexpected sketches with the original style, bold sense of humour, turning into sarcasm, surrealism and mocking parody not crossing the line of the accepted norms.

The show is based on parodies of the news, mocking the cliches and comments, and at times reaching the borders of absurdity.

Under their eyes are the sport, show business stars, former and some current Russian politicians, as well as the whole world, including all its inhabitants, weather, and the presidents.

If you are a President, please move away from that nuclear suitcase of yours, because after "Show News" you are going to do ridiculous things!

The "reporters" do not talk about the corruption, because they are rumored to be well paid.

The rating of the TV project “SHOW NEWS” according to TNS Gallup Media