Shortly about us

First Hand Media – production studio founded in 2012 by one of the lead TV producers Sergey Netievskiy. Studio Produces TV Shows of different genres (sketch comedy, sitcom etc.), comedy and entertainment show, full-feature films and documentaries.

First Hand Media works on the principle of “All inclusive”. A long way from finding an idea to its realization and airing on TV becomes shorter with our team, and the results - more effective.

We work specializing for you:

1. Generating Ideas

2. Developing the project’s concept: design, logo, decorations

3. Crating Specific Scripts, editing and script-doctoring

4. Managing the whole Principal Photography

-developing director’s storyboards


- technical supplement of the shooting

5. Post-Production

- video processing and editing, mixing

- voice over over our studio including sound design

- color correction

- computer graphics, animation, special effects

- creating and adapting content for internet journals, social media, cable TV etc.

6. Promotion of the finished product to TV

7. Distribution of the content to every existing platforms

8. Strategy of marketing promotion and merchandising

First Hand Media with such companies like “YBW Group” and “Idea Fiks Media”, participate in creating the comedy show “Ural Pelmeny” on STS.

Right now First Hand Media works on creating original TV formats for STS, also developing full-feature comedy movies, which release is scheduled on the beginning of the new season on the leading Russian TV-channels. More than 100 of the most talented creative, technical and administrative specialists with a wide skill set in TV and Film Production are involved in the production process. First Hand Media distributes content to every existing platform, including cable, satellite, live TV, also DVD, Internet and film distribution. Being a production studio of full cycle we collaborate with many film-distributing associations, TV-channels, internet platforms and DVD distributors. First Hand Media promotion group provides services for organizing and conducting entertainment and concert events on the territory of Russia and CIS countries.