Fathers & These

Family Sketch-show

Fathers & These

"Fathers & These" family TV sketch show, which consists of 10 story lines, where the Adults (members of the "Show Ural Pelmeny") communicate with children.

Producer and Director: Sergey Nitievskiy.

The audience is watching funny situations of 10 different characters at work and at home. Each character is somehow connected with children.
Also each character has his own life and children.
Thus, each sketch depicts the behavior of the hero with the kids in two "worlds" - at work and at home.
This is the iconic comic project about serious matters.
There have been several phrases in the show that now are remembered by the fans and which they love to quote when convenient.
From the program the audience will learn "useful information", for example, what you need to tell your parents so they went to the dacha, what kind of fertilizer will help the prosperity of the family tree and lineage, do I need to put the children in the water if they are the flowers of life and many more.




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